Given two candidate models, and a set of target observations, we address the problem of measuring the relative goodness of fit of the …

The behavior of users in certain services could be a clue that can be used to infer their preferences and may be used to make …

We investigate the statistical performance and computational efficiency of the alternating minimization procedure for nonparametric …

We investigate the statistical efficiency of a nonparametric Gaussian process method for a nonlinear tensor estimation problem. Low-rank …

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I am currently a teaching assistant for the following courses at UCL:

  • COMPGI13: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
  • COMP0086: Probabilistic and Unsupervised Learning
  • COMP0085: Approximate Inference and Learning in Probabilistic Models


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  • Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, 25 Howland Street, London W1T 4JG UK